The estate has always belonged to the same family. João Afonso Prado, a noble squire, was the owner in 1442. The freehold estate was created in 1526 by his grandson, Luis de Carvalho, whose nephew, the noble Knight Simão Pinheiro, was the first tenant. The first document about the house dates back to 1550 and shows that the initial building is now the central body of the house.

The chapel, with one nave and many details of the Romanic style, was built by José Pinheiro Lobo, the 5th tenant, who was murdered after a long period of violent struggles for the estate's ownership. Eventually, the 8th tenant, João Machado Fagundes da Guerra Pinheiro e Figueira, encouraged a great renovation of the house.

The 12 tenant, João Machado Pinheiro de Correia de Melo, was made Viscount of Pindela by the Regent D. Fernando in 1854. His son, the 2nd Viscount Vicente Pinheiro Lobo Machado de Melo e Almada, was responsible for the extension and deep refurbishment of the house in the late 19th century; the tower with its beautiful windows, the superb wooden ceilings, the modern fireplaces, as well as the magnificent 18th century tiles, are some examples of this renovation.

The wood and the gardens were conceived by the 14th tenant and 3rd Viscount, João Afonso Simão Pinheiro Lobo Figueira Machado, whose son Vicente, the current owner, later promoted the modernization of farming.

This is the history of a house that has been kept in the family for centuries. Today, this family keeps on working to maintain Quinta de Pindela!